Recycling Candle Vessels

We pick vessels for our candles to be both functional and good looking, below is a simple way to remove the remaining wax and recycle the vessel. Whether it's to hold flowers, make-up brushes, or any other small collection.
1. Fill a pot with enough water to fill the vessel and bring to a boil.
2. Making sure that the vessel is on a flat, heat resistant surface,
carefully pour the water into the empty vessel, filling to just below the lip.
3. Allow the vessel to sit. The boiling water will slowly melt the wax,
which will then float to the surface of the water.
4. Once completely cool, the wax will harden on the surface of the water
and can be simply popped out of the vessel.
5. Wash any remaining residue with soap and water.
6. Enjoy your recycled container!
(Note: this method should be used for glass containers only. Please use caution when handling hot items)

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