We hand pour all of our candles and reed diffusers in our studio located in Pennsylvania outside of Philadelphia. All other products we carry are the result of partnering with other small independent brands. All of our vendors are based in the USA.

Our wax consists primarily of soy wax blended with a very small amount of paraffin. This formula has been fine tuned to provide the optimal fragrance throw and long burn time. Our wax blend helps to stabilize the candle and promote clean burning.

We use cotton wicks, which are non-toxic, considered the safest for burning, and have no dangerous health effects.

We use a blend of natural, essential and synthetic fragrance oils. These scents are more hypoallergenic than all natural fragrances, and are also more sustainable to our environment. This blend allows our fragrances to be complex and diverse. It also increases performance, strength, consistency and stability.

When lighting the candle be sure that you are able to burn it long enough for the entire surface to become melted. This will ensure the candle burns evenly and consistently. If you do begin to see "walls" of wax appearing around the sides, you can remedy this by scraping some of the wax out of the vessel to create a more even surface. Be careful to remove the extra wax from the candle as adding it back in can drown the wick.

You can adjust the strength of the fragrance by removing some of the reeds. You may add the reeds back in to increase the scent over time. Use care when handling reeds, be sure not to lay saturated reeds on finished wood or upholstery surface. We recommend always laying them on a piece of paper towel or tissue until disposed of. 
*Bonus: Did you know you can give you diffuser an extra boost by flipping the reeds over?

We have retailers all over the USA. Contact us at info@gpcandle.com to find the nearest stockist.

We hand pour our candles in small batches. While we do keep a small stock of each product, we primarily pour our candles and reed diffusers to order. Please allow a few days for you order to be produced before shipping. Orders placed on holidays and weekends will be processed within two business days.

At GP Candle Co., all sales are final. We will gladly offer replacements for any damages caused during shipping. At this time returns, refunds, or replacements for reasons other than damages due to shipping may not be accepted but may be judged on a case by case basis. In the event of damage during shipping, please contact us with photos of the damaged goods at info@gpcandle.com within 3 days of receiving your purchase. All other issues must be reported within 45 days from the date the order was placed.

Visit our Wholesale page for more details or reach out at wholesale@gpcandle.com.

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