Sparkling Citrus 10 oz. Drippy Pot Candle - GP Co. X Brian Giniewski's Drippy Pots

Light and fruity, orange and sugared lemon with hints of pomelo fruit.

Burn Time: 65-80 hours

10-ounce soy candle with dual cotton wicks. Specialty poured in Brian Giniewski's handcrafted Drippy Pot in Bubblegum Pink. Candle comes with 2 in. red-tipped MADE WITH LOVE matchbox. Both are packaged in a kraft box.

What's a Drippy Pot? 

Drippy Pots are fun to use ceramic vessels crafted by Philadelphia's Brian Giniewski. They are food-safe and microwave + dishwasher safe.  Pieces with especially dramatic drips can be somewhat fragile, so please treat them with care.  

How do I Repurpose?

When the candle has burned completely, fill the vessel with boiling water on a heat-resistant surface. Use caution as the vessel will be hot. While water cools, the remaining wax will float to the surface. Once completely cool, simply pop out the wax and wash the vessel.

Hand-poured in small batches. A one-of-a-kind candle, only available at! Tag @gpcandleco & @brianginiewski to show us how you repurpose your Drippy Pot Candle!

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